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Carnival of the Godless #88

Welcome to the Eighty Eighth edition of Carnival of the Godless! One of my passions is comics, so I've grouped our submissions together according to how I think they'd translate into the visual world of that medium. To help you plan what you'd like to read when, One-Panels will be quick reads, Daily Strips a bit longer, Sunday Strips a moderate amount of time, and Graphic Novels a serious session.

One Panel

Some comics take place entirely in one panel, and while at first glance you might think such a format would allow only superficial, silly stuff, in fact its very brevity can force a lot of power. For example, this "Ziggy" strip when read a certain way has very wry existential implications:

Note that there's a slot to pay, but no slot for anything to come out of. I can't think of a more thought-provoking way to look at religion, and the posts in this category have that same short, edgy, powerful punch.

Digital Cuttlefish presents I Thought I Saw An Atheist posted at The Digital Cuttlefish. A funny, and touching poem in rhyme about just where those atheists among us might be.

Deborah presents Hot atheist buns posted at In a strange land. Will clicking this link take you to exciting photos of PZ Meyers' and Richard Dawkins' exposed bums? There's only one way to find out!

Dave McRitchie presents Galileo Rehabilitated - Catholic Church Recants posted at The View from Here. It took 400 years, but the Church finally came around. Nice.

Chris Hallquist presents Matt Nisbet is a dishonest scumbag posted at The Uncredible Hallq.

Adam H presents nothing fails quite like prayer posted at ...And That's How You Live With A Curse. A couple lets their daughter die because their faith prohibits medical care.

Daily Strip

The "standard" comic strip appears every day but Sunday in the daily paper. They feature recurring characters and a history that requires some familiarity with the general idea of the strip. The posts in this category take a bit longer to read and also require a bit of background to really understand, but are just as powerful as one-panel examples.

Deborah presents Opting out posted at In a strange land, saying, "First time submitter....

My daughters' allegedly secular state school has no simple way for parents and children to opt out of the "Christian options program" just before the Easter break."

Evolved presents Why do these theistard cultists need tetanus shots? posted at Evolved and Rational. Worshipers in the Philippines nail themselves to crosses and the state's biggest worry is about them getting tetanus?

Katharine presents On deception in religion posted at Missives from the Frontal Lobe. Why do so many Christian groups resort to dishonest tactics to attract members?

Curmudgeonly Yours presents Tunnel vision posted at The Mutt's Nuts. Some Old Testament passages reveal God to be a horrible monster, but Christians rarely read those scenes.

vjack presents A Non-Believer in Church: The Orchard at Tupelo posted at Mississippi Atheists. A non-believer attends church and reports their observations.

Mark A. Rayner presents Thag not grok god! posted at The Skwib. Cavemen ponder the origin of rain.

Sunday strip

The Sunday comic strips allow the creators a lot more room to make their point, and they get to use color instead of black and white. They take a bit longer to read, but still retain that comic-strip ability to make a powerful point.

Newbie Atheist presents More sins? What?s next - cheap prescriptions? posted at The *Angriest* Pharmacist, saying, "For your consideration; a fun post from a non-atheist site that looks at new rules on sin from the Vatican"

Greta Christina presents On The Amazingness of Atheists... And Why It's Doomed posted at Greta Christina's Blog, saying, "Why the atheist community is so amazing; why that amazingness is doomed; and why that's exactly as it should be."

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Evangelical Fundamental Atheists? posted at Disillusioned Words. What does that string of names even mean?

godma presents The Art of Persuasion posted at On Fire for Reason, or a look at how atheists and theists can use strategies to speak to each other more effectively.

No More Mr. Nice Guy! presents Freedom for me, but not for thee posted at No More Mr. Nice Guy!, saying, "Blogging against theocracy."

Greg Laden presents Greg Laden's Blog : PZ Myers Expelled, Gains Sainthood posted at Greg Laden's Blog. The great PZ Meyers Expelled Incident is destined to be an Internet classic, and Greg's post is a wonderful, comprehensive summary of links to get caught up on just what happened.

Skeptico presents Evolution Not Responsible for Hitler posted at Skeptico.

miller presents The Trial of God posted at Skeptic's Play, saying, "Atheist commentary on an unusual play called "The Trial of God""

Andrew Fox presents Truth and Cooperation posted at Sexy Secularist!, saying, "Question: Should we respect common ethical ground, even when that ground rests on a false foundation?"

Christian Bachmann presents A double-edged word of comfort posted at Joy of Freethinking, saying, "The equation death = peace is often used as a word of comfort at funerals, but its consequence is very tricky and may be even a risk for humanism."

Steve Snyder/SocraticGadfly presents Pharyngula gets creationist movie boot and lies posted at SocraticGadfly, saying, "My take on the New York Times story about Pharyngula (P.Z. Myers) getting the boot from the "Expelled" screening."

C. L. Hanson presents Me, my kids, and "teach the controversy" posted at Letters from a broad..., saying, "An atheist family has fun with biology."

Skeptigator presents Promoting religious advocacy for secularism posted at Freethought Fort Wayne, saying, "Originally pulled this out of my drafts for the Blog Against Theocracy however I thought this might be a nice positive message."

vjack presents Day of Mockery: The Obligatory Easter Post posted at Atheist Revolution.

Graphic Novel

Graphic novels take comics into its longest and most in-depth format, telling novel-length tales while still utilizing the powerful tools of simplified iconic figures, word balloons, and the other hallmarks of the medium. These entries take the longest to read and provide a lot of food for thought; get ready to settle in for a while and really think.

A.C. Chase presents Religious Indoctrination: A Loaded Gun posted at Alexander the Atheist. A scholarly look at what religious indoctrination is and why it's something we should oppose.

ben presents After God & Art posted at Head Wide Open, exploring what will become of art in a post-Christian world.

Chris Hallquist presents Is a politics of sanity possible? posted at The Uncredible Hallq.

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Emotional Truth Versus Objective Truth (and how they relate to theism and atheism) posted at Disillusioned Words.

Hank Fox presents Does Jesus Make You Happy? posted at, saying, "We regularly see purported scientific studies that claim belief in God makes you happier, that atheists are less content than those who regularly go to church. Just how reliable are those studies?"

John Wilson presents On agnosticism and atheism: opening a can of worms posted at Armchair Dissident, saying, "I reply to a commenter - well known to me - on the question, "is atheism rationally defensible". Short answer? Yes. This is the longer answer."

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents untheist, atheist, nontheist, intheist? Let?s Call the Whole Thing Off! posted at Disillusioned Words. A lot of different terms get thrown around meaning similar things, but just what the heck do they all really say?

Ron Britton presents Hal Lindsey Comics, Part 3: Prophecy posted at Bay of Fundie. A critical look at an End Times believer's work.

Risto Juola presents Divinations, V : Inelegant Design posted at Risto NET :: Blog, saying, "Commentary and analysis of a lecture given by Christian apologist Alister McGrath."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of the godless using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Podblack said...

Hi - mine was left out? Was submitted on the 27th.

Jeff Hebert said...

Hi Podblack. Not everything that gets submitted gets chosen for inclusion, and unfortunately no, your submission didn't make it in this time -- it just didn't seem to be on-topic. It was a cute post, but just didn't seem to fit in with the overall group.

newbie atheist said...

A domain name legal war between "The Angry Pharmacist" and "the Angriest Pharmacist" killed the link I offered on new sins from the Vatican. But if you are still interested in it, here's the Google cache

Heather Annastasia said...

My article wasn't chosen either, but when you submit your article, it doesn't give you a topic, so how do you know if you're off-topic?

Jeff Hebert said...

There's not a hard and fast rule, but the name pretty much says it all -- it should have something to do with godlessness.