Sunday, August 19, 2007


Have you ever gotten tired of refuting the same tired arguments about why you're going to Hell, or why you're evil, or why you're bad for America because you don't have any god belief?

Well now you can take the easy way out! Just send your annoying commenter or nagging relative a link to the specific Frequently Asked Question they've just asked you, and you're done. If they keep giving you grief, tell them to "Take it up with the bald fat guy in Texas, he's the one who wrote it," leaving you free to continue your campaign to undermine everything that's good about the world.

As you can see, the site's pretty bare at the moment, since I just created it ten minutes ago. But, I hope to be adding a number of posts very soon, one per question. If you have a question you've always wanted to ask an atheist, or if you are an atheist and you have some questions you're sick of answering, please feel free to send them on to me,, and I'll try to make a post addressing it.

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